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21-Point Check & Diagnosis (free)

Our legendary 21-Point Check is included free with all services.

Completed within: same day
Details: Diagnostics typically completed same day. Unsure what the problem is, or just want your computer checked out? Our technicians can troubleshoot and diagnose your computer/device and determine what’s going on. We’ll pinpoint the root cause of the problem, and any additional secondary issues. Our customers often appreciate our expertise during this initial stage. Hardware problems or difficult software issues my take a bit longer to diagnose.

Remote Management

Details: Invise Solutions offers remote management and computer health monitoring services. These subscription options make solving IT problems quick and simple. We have several new inexpensive options! Once our remote dashboard software is setup on your computer, we can securely remote in and resolve your computer issues. No lengthy or frustrating phone calls just to get us connected to your computer. Chat with our techs during the remote session. Easily start a support ticket and upload screenshots.

Software & Hardware Services

Details: IT services doesn’t mean just software. Invise Solutions also offers hardware troubleshooting and repair services for both home users and business clients. We can migrate your Hard Drive to a Solid State Drive, replace failing parts, resolve overheating issues, fix broken wiring, and more. We also build awesome computers. Check out our YouTube channel if you want to see us building our computers!

Computer Cleaning & Tuneup

Back to you within: 1-2 days
Details: Spyware & virus removal INCLUDED. Your computer will run faster than it ever has. We’ll go through it with a fine tooth comb and clean every little nook and cranny in the operating system. Including temp files, junk, cookies, registry clutter, operating system corruption, and driver issues. Your computer is guaranteed to run as fast as the day you bought it!

Virus & Malware Removal

Back to you within: 1-2 days
Details: INCLUDES full service computer tuneup and 21-point checkup. Possible symptoms could include: ▪ Mild to extreme slowness. ▪ Programs or windows claiming your PC is infected. ▪ Pop-ups. ▪ Inability to open common programs, use your favorite web browser, inability to use Google (you are redirected), or other strange behavior. ▪ Malware and virus infections can cause strange symptoms; a good IT expert should be able to determine whether your IT issues are indeed being caused by malware, or by something else entirely–often times the case.

Operating System Reload

Back to you within: 1-2 days
Details: Eliminates Operating System (OS) errors, corruption, crashing, and failure. In addition, this service also wipes out viruses, malware, and slowness. Your computer will run and feel more snappier than the day you bought it. Our techs will wipe your hard drive clean, and reload a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows while preserving all of your personal files and data. Includes all drivers, common software, and restoring programs such as Office and QuickBooks.

Data Recovery & Data Transfer

Back to you within: 1-2 days
Details: Time consuming data recovery up to $150; call us for a quote.
We can handle hard drives from old computers, or ones that have overheated, dropped, formatted, including lost/deleted files. 99% of the time your data is still there and recoverable. Even if your drive doesn’t turn on, we have techniques to get it to cooperate. Give us a quick call for a quote. 801-709-1229

Power DC Jack Repair Laptops

Back to you within: 1-2 days
Details: Price includes parts and labor. Symptoms may include: ▪ DC jack very loose; must be held in certain position to charge. ▪ Charging light doesn’t stay on or flickers. ▪ Battery will not charge. ▪ Laptop does not power on.
Our certified technicians are very experienced in DC jack replacements and we can get you up and running in no time.

Hard Drive / SSD Replacement

Back to you within: 1-2 days
Details: Possible symptoms include: ▪ Computer fails to boot. ▪ Extreme slowness. ▪ Loud clicking sounds. ▪ Blue screening. ▪ Files disappearing.
Hard drives are the most common failing part in computers. They have moving mechanical parts and thus are very fragile. Some computers may exhibit signs above that are not hard drive related. When in doubt, it’s best to get it checked out! If your hard drive is failing, we usually recover your data without issue.

Android Rooting & Flashing

Back to you within: same day
Details: Get your Android phone repaired, rooted, or flashed. Rooting your Android phone allows you to remove bloatware (pre-installed apps), improve performance, and improve battery life.

Screen Replacements

Back to you within: varies; dependent on shipping
Details: We replace LCD screens on laptops, all-in-ones, and mobile devices. Just because your screen is broken doesn’t mean the computer is now junk. Save money and get it fixed!


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