Special Thanks to the Close Friends of Invise Solutions

Lisa Hendricksen (aka Call That Girl) from the Microsoft Outlook Team
Brantley Strickland (aka “Bored”) from Google
Nick Shaw from d7x Tech
Miguel Guzman from AvoidErrors.net
Brian Walker aka Britec09
Donald Sayers from iFixie.com
Tim Kelly from TCF
Jonnee Davis, Generalized Manager of Subways Intl.
Christafari Demarazi, Systems & Network Engineer
“Taco” (M. Warner), Corporal Engineer
Al Kuncleman


Transparent Partners

Some of the more advanced services we offer are completed by an Invise Solutions corporate partner–a company we completely trust, that has agreed to help us out in select circumstances.

Class 100 Clean Room – File Savers
Data Forensics – Decipher Forensics